Cermet Resitronics

Cermet Resistronics is a technology-oriented company. In fact, Cermet’s inception was on the basis of a very strong R&D orientation. Cermet manufactures the widest range of resistors using solely indigenous technology, on the basis of which it has captured almost every niche in its market domains. Cermet also provides customized solutions to industries, with 47 years of R&D and more than 25 years of manufacturing experience to back it up. Over the last 25 years, Cermet has developed a wide range of Resistors in-house. Besides these, application-based customized solutions in the field has been Cermet’s forte. With a sheer lateral spread of more than a hundred & fifty thousand variants of Resistors under its aegis, Cermet beyond doubt, is at the fore-front of Resistor technology, manufacturing dynamics and solutions.


  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Industrial
  • Power Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Railways

Product offerings:

  • Film Resistors: Carbon / Metal / Metal Oxide / Metal Glaze
  • Wire wound Resistors: Silicon Coated Axial
  • Wire wound Resistors: Dynamic Braking / Silicon Coated Radial
  • Customized Resistor Solutions

Homepage: www.resistorcermet.com

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