Chiplus Semiconductor Corp. ( Chiplus in short ) is a technology-leading IC design house that is devoted to the design and development of green chips - High Speed Super Low Power SRAM and LED driver ICs, and committed to provide the best products, services and solutions to global customers.

Established in 2002 in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, Chiplus started the design, manufacture and marketing of High Speed Super Low Power SRAM Memory products with unsurpassed reliability. Taking great pride in their products they have earned the certification & trust from famous makers of industrial/consuming instruments in the Japan, EU, USA and Pan-Pacific Asia areas.

To meet and fulfill customer requirements with extensive product specification, Chiplus is working continuously to strengthen design and manufacturing technologies while creating outstanding products required in a new era and high level electronic applications. Meanwhile, Chiplus is building up a globally international customer service and logistic network that assures soonest & efficient service and distribution.


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Security
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Consumer
  • Hand held devices

Product offerings:

  • Static Ram (SRAM)
  • LDO (Low Dropout Regulators)
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Plant Lighting


Press Release: