ZF Micro Solutions

ZF Micro Solutions is a privately held company founded by David Feldman, the creator of the PC/104 IEEE standard and the 5 1/4 inch EBX form factor embedded Single Board Computer. ZF Micro Solutions is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Product offerings:

The ZFx86 is an x86 System-on-a-Chip incorporating 486 motherboard functionality in a single device. It runs a wide variety of operating systems including DOS, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/CE and most Real-Time systems natively and is bundled with the ZF Embedded BIOS so OEMs do not have to pay BIOS license fees or incur expensive and time-consuming BIOS ports. At less than 1W it is the lowest power x86 embedded controller available. The patented ZF FailSafe System makes it the only x86 System-on-a-Chip that boots autonomously on power-up and can operate even if all system software has been destroyed or corrupted. It is the ideal End-Of-Life Replacement for 386 or 486 products other manufacturers have recently discontinued, eliminating the need to re-write or re-validate code that is debugged and functional.

Homepage: www.zfmicro.com